60pcs Air Plasma Cutting Cutter Consumables Extended Fit PT-31 Torch Cut-45

  • ➤➤60PCS PT31 Plasma cutting consumables Common fit HZXVOGEN/ESAB/L-TEC PT-31 JG-40 and WSD-LG40 Cutting Torch.This consumables can be used with HZXVOGEN CUT40, CUT45(B07T19Z4T7), CUT50 with PT-31 GUN;SG-55 AG-60 WSD-60 plasma cutting torch AG60 SG55 for ICUT60 CUT-60 LGK-60 CUT50P For 40 50 Amps Cutting Machine.
  • ➤➤Our PT31 Plasma cutter consumables nozzles,electrodes and gas ring are circle, which is convenient to replace the broken one during the cutting process, complete the cutting project smoothly. Plasma Tips Nozzles,Electrode and Gas Ring are regarded as plasma cutter consumables, they are essential to plasma cutting project.
  • ➤➤Our PT31 cutter consumables are designed with quality material,nozzles and electrodes are made of quality copper,gas ring are made of quality ceramic which is suit cutting stainless steel iron walls cast irons aluminum and other metals thick steel plate Cutting is very convenient, fast, economic.Save and durable, just like the original consumables that came with the machine.
  • ➤➤These Plasma cutter consumables very suit for home DIY jobs and light duty small business projects.Plasma Tips Nozzles,Plasma cutter Electrodes and Plasma cutter Gas Rings are all well packaged,very portable and convenient to take around.
  • ➤➤PACKAGE INCLUDE--- 20pcs Plasma Tips Nozzle Extended Ref No: 18866L;20pcs Electrode- Extended Ref No:18205L;20pcs Gas Ring 18785